Reclaim PV Recycling operates an Australian Photovoltaic take back and reclaiming scheme, providing waste management and resource recovery services throughout Australia and Oceanic region.


Through a growing network of PV industry associations and with the implementation of logical collection points, our goal is to deliver a viable and streamlined system to enable the reclaiming of components contained in photovoltaic modules.

Reclaim PV Recycling was founded in 2014 by the directors of S.M.A.R.T. Pty Ltd, who recognised the waste management challenge that the PV industry is facing. Working closely with a team at Flinders University in South Australia to develop the best practice for recycling PV modules, Reclaim have developed a scalable model in accordance with projections for end of life modules.

A defined course of action is now under way to provide dedicated solutions for PV recycling based in Australia.


Providing simple options for collection of decommissioned PV modules is an essential ingredient for the success of PV recycling. We aim to provide easy access for module drop off and collection, with a view to utilize existing business networks. We offer collection solutions that cover the whole of Australia.


If you have a dozen eggs in a carton and two of the eggs are broken, do you discard the entire carton of eggs, or do you remove the good eggs from the carton and use them?

At Reclaim, we have developed a unique process of reclaiming efficient cells from damaged solar modules. By removing the good cells, we can reduce the amount of energy needed to effectively recycle solar cells.


With the outlook of reclaiming the solar cells of decommissioned PV panels there is the possibility to create new greener products. In doing this we hope to reinvigorate the manufacturing sectors of Australia for a more prosperous future.


Government Agencies
Recycling Partners

Reclaim PV Recycling is working closely with Australian government agencies, PV Manufacturers and private sector consultants including researchers from Flinders University for NanoScale Science and Technology, through their NannoConnect program. We are developing infrastructure for the future of recycling and waste management in the photovoltaic industry. Our recycling partners are an essential part of our operations success

Creating important alliances with the private sector with aims to bring a holistic element and promote network communications within the Photovoltaic Industry.



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