Drop Off Update

We are testing our new drop off system with a few selected installers in Adelaide. We hope to have 2 running by the end of the year in Adelaide. Our next ones will be available in Brisbane in early 2020, then Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will follow soon after.

Please check back on the website soon for the new drop off portal. In the meantime you can select one of our pick up options below.


We are Reclaim PV Recycling.
Australian owned and operated PV recycling business.

Reclaim PV Recycling is an Australian based Photovoltaic (PV) recycling service. This company has been built from the ground up through innovation and government engagement together with extensive experience working in the PV industry. We are highly passionate about PV Recycling and in the course of developing Reclaim PV, we have formed lasting partnerships with key industry stakeholders and aligned ourselves with important government agencies.

In a country where rooftop solar installations are amongst the highest in the world (on a per capita basis), with approximitely 40 million solar panels installed (11GW) so far and forecast to increase to 18 GW by 2020, it is essential to have a strategy to recover, over time, these installed modules as they are decommissioned.

PV recycling is an absolute necessity for the PV industry’s responsible end of life practice now and into the future. At the same time, recycling PV module's needs to be financially viable for the industry to uptake and therein lies the immediate challenge.

Reclaim PV handles the recycling and supply chain processes all within Australia through a viable, scalable and efficient system. This system can apply and cater to manufacturers, end users, large scale project developers, installers and government agencies in addressing their end of life PV problems. Reclaim PV solves the disposal challenge and creates a comprehensive value chain by converting this wasting resource into a valuable asset.

Our vision is to embed our company at the root of this relatively young industry and by doing so, positively influence the environment from a multitude of areas including landfill avoidance and resource recovery with flow effects on manufacturing, social awareness and legislative change.

Our services.

Site Clean

Reclaim PV Recycling “Site Clean” is a service we provide CEC Accredited Installers to manage the waste produced with PV upgrade and decommision.

Manufacturer pickup

Reclaim PV is facilitating collection of PV modules from any location around Australia for major manufacturers.

Commercial decommissioning

Reclaim PV can work together with selected CEC accredited installers to value add the decommission of large systems and reduce recycling costs.

General pick ups

At this stage Reclaim PV has been working directly with manufacturers collecting modules around Australia. We are working on providing drop off points and collection options that will suit CEC members.

Manufacturers that support us

Here are some of the manufacturers that are leaders in supporting PV recycling in Australia and have supported Reclaim PV. They are a responsible choice when choosing to purchase PV modules as they are active in ensuring their products do not go to land fill and are responsibly handled at End of Life. Please click on the links to find out more.
If you are a manufacturer and would like to support us and use our services please contact us HERE


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