General Pickups

At this stage Reclaim PV has been working directly with manufacturers collecting modules around Australia. We are working on providing drop off points and collection options that will suit CEC members. These services will be accessible through an easy to use request portal on Reclaim PV’s website. We are in the process of finalising the development and roll out of this service in the next few months.

For the time being we can pick up modules directly from site at a cost. This cost includes collection from anywhere around Australia and our gate fee. We acknowledge that this cost might not be as feasible compared to landfill for many CEC members and retailers, however it reflects our current operation and growth projection to provide a better solution for the future. We anticipate these costs will reduce as our infrastructure rolls out.

If you would like a quote to collect any of your EoL PV product (Including inverters) please let us know by emailing us HERE